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Did you know we ship our wonderful beverages throughout California and our Merch to all states.

For us, craft comes first.

Crow & Wolf Brewing Co. was born from our desire to create craft products and to offer them in a venue unlike any other in the Valley. Anchored by our brewer, Brad Gaines, we have an unrelenting commitment to quality, coupled with a passion for creation and innovation.

Our Beer

Our state-of-the-art brewhouse and cellar set the stage for award-winning beers that highlight our partnerships with the local farms from which our ingredients are sourced. We strive to promote the art of brewing, to educate our consumer audience and to elevate our craft community partners everywhere.

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Our Seltzer

Our award-winning seltzers are made with top-notch ingredients and fresh flavor combos. Inspired by the California sunshine, we've put a new spin on this refreshing favorite. Ready to try something new? Dive right in!