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Did you know we ship our wonderful beverages throughout California and our Merch to all states.

Crow & Wolf

In the wild and natural time, the Crow and Wolf patrolled the horizons of the Great Central Valley freely and fearlessly. Across seasons and centuries, a-flight and on foot, they watched over vast prairies of bunchgrass, savannas of oak-grass, into the bordering riparian woodlands. They drank from freshwater marshes and vernal pools as a peaceful balance of instincts and weather kept perfect order.

Legend predicts that time will come again, signaled by the return of the Wolf, beginning with one Rogue Pack in the North. The Crow will emerge from its hidden nest in a remote, ancient forest where it has kept an amused and patient vigil. Together they will take up the watch again, as protectors of the valley.

A toast to wild and natural goodness. To freedom without fear. To survival and restoration.

Our Mission

At Crow & Wolf Brewing Company, our mission is to create a variety of high-quality, innovative, and award-winning craft beverages.

It’s important to us to balance sustainable growth, while continuing to focus on our artisanal roots. We strive to be known for brewing excellent quality craft beverages as well as delivering fantastic customer service.

Core Values

Integrity & Authenticity

We will never try to be something we are not, nor will we take short-cuts for the sake of profit​.

Craftsmanship & Innovation

We will push the envelope of the craft beverage industry to ensure we are always on the cutting-edge of the industry without sacrificing quality​.

Community & Sustainability

Think global, act local. We will be a committed, engaged member of the local community, and utilize technology to maximize precious natural resources.


Our local presence will always focus on a family-friendly environment, and that includes our four-legged friends!

Meet the Crew

Our Story

Don Anderson

Our Story

Adam Gruszczynski

Cheif Financial Officer
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Matt Humann

Operations Director
Our Story

Mike Gengozian

Facility Operations Director
Our Story

Brad Gaines

Head Brewer
Our Story

Spencer Mast

Our Story

Bryan Muirhead

Product Manager
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Tim Red

Taproom Manager