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Did you know we ship our wonderful beverages throughout California and our Merch to all states.


Our family-friendly brewery is centrally located in the heart of Clovis and readily accessible from Hwy 168. We are closely nestled along the Dry Creek Trail, Fresno-Clovis Rail-Trail, near the intersection of Herndon and Clovis Ave. We encourage customers to walk, bike, Uber or drive to enjoy tasty beverages in our backyard-like setting, which offers comfortable accommodations and outdoor fun.

Inside our climate-controlled tap room you will find the finest offerings of craft beer, fruit-based ciders and premium seltzers in the Valley. In keeping with local demand, we also offer selections designated as gluten-free or gluten reduced, using as many locally sourced ingredients as are available.

We have created a neighborhood destination that promotes friendship and relaxation, a location that allows friends and colleagues to gather and collaborate, and most of all, a venue for those who love craft beverages.

A glass of the 12 web beer sitting on a table 
A glass of the one beer sitting on the table 


526 Park Creek Dr
Clovis, CA 93611
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1 (559) 940-7542
[email protected]


3pm – 10pm
3pm – 10pm
3pm – 10pm
3pm – 10pm
12pm – 10pm
11am – 10pm
11am – 8pm

What's On Tap

I Like Hops

Beers with some hops

Label for Three


WC DIPA w/ Anchovy, Strata, and Strata CGX hops
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co

Label for Signal Fire

Signal Fire

American Pale Ale w/ Mosaic & Cascade hops
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A modern American Pale ale that is balanced yet assertively hoppy. Cascade and Mosaic hops add notes of citrus and pine.

Label for Frostbite


Cold IPA w/Azacca, Motueka and HBC586
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
"Cold" IPA featuring Azacca, Motueka and HBC-586

Label for Velvet Thunder

Velvet Thunder

IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Featuring 100% Mosaic Hops and a metric ton of wheat and oats, and a kiss of vanilla this 8% ABV maelstrom of a beer will undoubtedly blow you away!

Label for Galaxy Drifter

Galaxy Drifter

Pilot batch - Black IPA/CDA with 100% Galaxy hops
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A beloved, yet rarely seen style among many craft beer aficionados. Brewed with 100% Galaxy hops and a mélange of complex character malts. Bold, delicious, & dank AF.

Label for Double Barrel Gold

Double Barrel Gold

WC DIPA colab w/ 1852 w/ Mosaic, Simcoe & Nelson Sauvin hops
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A monstrous West Coast Double IPA in collaboration with 1852 Brew Brewing Co with Mosaic, Simcoe and Nelson Savant hops

Label for Sonder


Brown Ale - American
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Here at Crow & Wolf we believe that everybody should do their own thang, what's right for one may not be right for some and that's totally cool. Not everyone is jonesing for that new uber-hopped ipa or the fruitiest sour, some folks just want a good old fashioned beer flavored beer. Sonder is our intepretation of one of the O.G. beer styles, the American brown ale. Once a beloved style, it has since fallen out of favor with consumers due to growing catolog of newer "more-exciting" styles of beer. We think a brown ale can be just as sexy as anything else, and we're here to prove it! Sonder is made with a complex grain bill consisting of a blend of crystal malts, chocolate malts, oats, a kiss of rye malt and we even lightly dry-hopped it with two classic American hops, Centennial and Chinook. Sonder is rich, malty, slightly hoppy, wonderfully balanced and just 5.2% ABV.

Label for Lucidity


WC IPA w/ Citra, Mosaic and Nectaron
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Lucidity is our west coast IPA, the backdrop is a crisp malt bill built to let the hops shine. A blend of Citra, Mosaic and Nectaron hops give this beer everything you'd want in a west coast IPA - citrus, tropical and dank.

Label for Stargazer


Hazy IPA - Tropical, stone-fruity
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Tropical, stone-fruity, and devastatingly drinkable! Insanely hoppy, yet balanced, this 6.5% ABV modern IPA is a liquid cosmos worth getting yourself lost in!

Beer Flavored Beer

pils, lagers, blondes etc...

Label for Low Rider

Low Rider

Mild - Light
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
English mild, light, malty session beer made for enjoying.

Label for Nova


Blonde / Golden Ale - Other
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Blonde ale featuring a complex melange of carefully curated grains fron craft malsters and just a kiss of vanilla. This little blonde is hella crisp and super refreshing. At a mere 5% ABV this beer is an all day drinker!

Label for Lobo


US Open 2023 Gold Medal Lager
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A light, ultra crisp, and refreshing Mexican Lager featuring high quality grains and flaked maize. Flavors and scents of crisp breadiness/cracker with a touch of natural sweetness given from the flaked maize.

Label for Brilliant Sunset

Brilliant Sunset

WC Pils w/ Luminosa & Kohia Nelson
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co

Label for Quarter-Mile Kolsch

Quarter-Mile Kolsch

Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Light in color and delicate in flavor with notes of breadiness and a touch of honey character, Quarter-Mile Kolsch is undeniably crisp and refreshing!

Pucker Up Buttercup

sour, wild, funky beers

Label for Peaches


Peaches and Marshmallow
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Dessert Sour - Light, tart, fruity, and decadent. Featuring peaches, marshmallows, and peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches, peaches and a little peach

Label for Cobblestone


Sour w/ apricot, Milk sugar, graham crackers and a kiss of cinnamon
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Tart, fruity, and absolutely delicious! Apricot takes center stage in this liquid symphony to one of our favorite treats ever, the apricot pie. Milk sugar, graham crackers, and just a suggestion of cinnamon round out the ensemble, elevating this 6% ABV pie inspired sour to the next level of deliciousness. There's always room for dessert - and beer!

The Dark Side

roasty, coffee, chocolate winter etc...

Label for Smokehouse Porter

Smokehouse Porter

Roasty, toasty, smokey, chocolatey porter
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A roasty, toasty, smokey, chocolatey libation

Label for Darkness Accumulated

Darkness Accumulated

Stout aged in bourbon barrels 2 years w/ cocoa, coffee & vanilla
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Imperial stout aged in bourbon barrels for 24 months and then spun with vanilla, cacao and coffee

Label for Barrel-aged Eternal Return With Coconut (2023)

Barrel-aged Eternal Return With Coconut (2023)

Pastry stout aged 2 years in bourbon barrels
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Our second iteration in the barrel-aged Eternal Return series, this pastry stout does not disappoint! Conditioned in Balcones and Buffalo Trace barrels for 2 YEARS, then spun with real toasted coconut. It's dark, decadent and truly unforgettable.

Label for Odyssey


Coffee stout w/ Vanilla and Milk Sugar.
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Coffee stout w/ Vanilla and Milk Sugar.

Label for Monument


Peanut butter Porter with notes of banana
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Peanut butter, cacao nib husks, and an extremely unique yeast culture that produces insane banana-like character collide together to bring forth A Porter To Remember, or APTR!

Seltzers, Ciders & Mead

Label for Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Watermelon Lime Seltzer
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Seltzer featuring watermelon and lime. Be careful drinking this one, it's almost too delicious and crushable! What better way to appreciate these forthcoming sunny days than with a super refreshing summer seltzer!

Label for Seltzer Slushy

Seltzer Slushy

Lady Marmalade Slushy
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co

Label for Cosmonaut


Moscow Mule seltzer
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Moscow Mule cocktail inspired seltzer, bold and exploding with flavor!

Label for Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade

Dragon fruit, Yuzu and Lemon
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
Pink lemonade seltzer made with dragon fruit, yuzu and lemon

Label for Dark Horse
Boysenberry and Vanilla Sorbet Seltzer
Crow & Wolf Brewing Co
A decadent Sorbet-style Hard Seltzer feat. Boysenberry and Vanilla.